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Our Pay for a Day scheme lets companies contribute £1300 via donation or by fundraising.

This covers our running costs for a day, lifting the financial pressure we continually face.

In one day alone, your donation would cover:

  • Educational workshops for over 12 adults with learning difficulties and disabilities who want to move their lives forward

  • Teaching local school children about leaving a lasting environmental legacy (many won’t have seen farm animals, tasted fresh vegetables or heard of recycling)

  • Changing the lives of those who’ve been homeless or removed from the job market through catering, carpentry, retail and upcycling workshops

  • Feeding and caring for over 80 animals who all have a safe home at the farm. That’s a lot of mouths to feed.



We realise it’s a big ask, but in turn, we’d promote your good deed on our social channels, giving your brand free publicity and marketing exposure. What’s more, you’ll feel good that you’ve changed the life of someone who regularly spends time at the farm.

“Drummond Central has been supporting the farm for over two years now and in that time I’ve been introduced to some of the most passionate and dedicated people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. It's an integral part of the region and we're passionate about protecting its future.”

Beth Hazon, Managing Director

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