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animal workshops

Growth and learning for adults with learning disabilities, difficulties and autism spectrum disorder

Spending time with animals can improve physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioural problems. Caring for them also helps to develop compassion, empathy and responsibility as well as a sense of wellbeing and calm.


Working with Richie our professional farmer and Emma our small animal worker, we run two sessions – one with large animals and another with our small animals. Our large animal workshop is better suited to individuals who are fit and active.


Placements learn how to care for different animals ranging from sheep to rabbits to reptiles. Working in groups Placements gain teamwork and social skills whilst exercising and enjoying the outdoors.


Key Benefits:

Make friends and connections

Increased sensory tolerance

Improved attention

Reduced impulsive behaviours

Improved motor skills

Improved physical fitness


To discuss a placement for you or someone you care for, contact / 0191 232 3698

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