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garden workshops

Growth and learning for adults with learning disabilities, difficulties and autism spectrum disorder

There are many wellbeing benefits to being outdoors, which is why the farm offers a horticulture workshop in our enclosed onsite garden, working with our expert horticulturalist Karl.


The workshop offers our Placements the chance to build their skills in gardening but also to gain confidence and broaden their knowledge. It also provides opportunities to exercise in a relaxing environment.


Gardening can be solitary but it can also be a great way of meeting and socialising with others as well as working in a team. Through planting, tending and harvesting our allotment, Placements also get a better understanding of where food comes from, and what constitutes healthy foods.


Key Benefits

Increased vocabulary and communication ability

Improved observational skills

Sensory and perception stimuli

Improved mental and physical wellbeing

A sociable and healthy way to release stress

Improved motor skills


To discuss a placement for you or someone you care for, contact / 0191 232 3698

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