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make and bake

Growth and learning for adults with learning disabilities, difficulties and autism spectrum disorder

Cooking is an activity that involves all the senses. Our "make and bake" sessions therefore offer huge therapeutic benefits - physical, cognitive, social and intrapersonal. Cooking also provides a creative outlet and makes people feel good about themselves.


In these workshops our Placements learn the basics of cooking before progressing on to more intricate cake and confectionary making. The sessions are fun, informative and social, an opportunity to make friends and build connections.


Using farm fresh produce from our gardens, Placements also learn how to make Ouseburn Farm jams and chutneys, and achieve a sense of ownership when they see the produce they have made sold in our shop as part of our Made by Ouseburn Farm range.


Key Benefits:

Promotes mindfulness and meditation

Stimulates the senses

Provides opportunities to socialise and make connections 

Gives a sense of accomplishment

Supports a healthy relationship with food

Builds independence


To discuss a placement for you or someone you care for, contact / 0191 232 3698

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